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Shaman Sisters Biography

Michelle and Katherine first met in 2013. After it became very apparent that they have a deep energetic connection, they have enjoyed the continued unfolding of their friendship and sisterhood ever since. Over the years, they have birthed several offerings and creative projects. They have brought their collaborative work to many people in the form of class series, workshops, retreats, women's circles, ceremonies and private sessions.

Michelle and Katherine created this podcast to empower psychics, empaths, energy healers, Shamans and all those on the path of awakening. They offer a deep look into their personal and professional experiences as healers and Universal seekers, along with tools for navigating the expansion of human consciousness, cultivation of psychic and Shamanic gifts and living a fulfilled, uniquely expressed life of service. Michelle and Katherine’s visionary work inspires spiritual seekers and practitioners of all modalities to step fully into their roles as catalysts for social evolution and global change.

Read Michelle and Katherine's individual bios here.

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Some topics to explore:

  • The Awakening Process
  • Energetic Survival for Sensitives, Healers & Empaths
  • Protection and Boundaries
  • Spiritual Alchemy for Personal Transformation
  • Channeling and Mediumship
  • Self-Care for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People
  • Self-Healing Practices
  • Working with Spirit Guides and Teachers
  • The Process of Creation, Manifestation & Actualization
  • Releasing Stuck Emotions, Trauma and Energy
  • ...or let's talk about whatever is present for your tribe right now!

These are not just conversations, but powerful experiences that include actionable teachings and tools that will leave your people feeling inspired, connected and empowered.

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Michelle and Katherine are master healers and channels. They have collectively facilitated and spoken at hundreds of events in the field of spirituality, personal development, energy healing and spiritual mastery.

We will work with you to enhance the value of your retreat or event experience for all attendees. Invite us to facilitate one of our existing workshops, or we will customize an experience for your event.

Some of our speaking and facilitation offerings include:

  • Energetic embodiment
  • Spiritual mastery for practitioners
  • Developing your psychic awareness and intuition
  • Using spiritual practices and tools for business and entrepreneurship
  • Shamanic journey to receive guidance and meet your animal and spirit guides
  • Energetic survival for empaths and highly sensitive people
  • Emotional release and catharsis
  • Clearing stagnant energy to catalyze change
  • Energetic and psychic protection
  • Shamanic death and rebirth and the process of change

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