Meet the Shaman Sisters!

This live panel podcast offering grew out of our friendship, sisterhood and inquiry of what it means to be a seeker on the path. Meet Shaman Sisters Katherine Bird and Michelle Hawk!

Katherine Bird Shaman


Katherine Bird is a transformational leader, healer, Shamanic channel, and guide here to help facilitate the shift in human consciousness and the raising of the vibratory frequency. She supports people through the processes of healing themselves and bringing their magic to the world. Utilizing energy work, hands on healing, practice cultivation and deep coaching she shepherds people through their awakening and the journey to become the healers, coaches and guides they were designed to be. Learn more about her work here.


Michelle Hawk Shaman


Michelle Hawk is truly a 21st century Shaman and Alchemist. In addition to her natural gifts as a psychic and intuitive Channel, Michelle's work with Shamanic energies and certification as a Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master and Illuminated Master Healer™ allow her to offer healing work at the deepest level. She has committed herself to the health and well-being of her global Tribe and works in service through private sessions, classes, community involvement and Spiritual mentorship in the Divine Feminine lineage for children and adults of all ages. Learn more about her work here.