Welcome to Shaman Sister Sessions!

We created this podcast to empower psychics, empaths, energy healers, Shamans and all those on the path of awakening. We offer a deep look into our personal and professional experiences as healers and Universal seekers, along with tools for navigating the expansion of human consciousness, cultivation of psychic and Shamanic gifts and living a fulfilled, uniquely expressed life of service.

Michelle and Katherine’s visionary work inspires spiritual seekers and practitioners of all modalities to step fully their roles as catalysts for social evolution and global change.

Thank God for you, Shaman Sisters! Thank you for leading me in such a safe and loving way with your podcast episodes! So many questions I’ve had for ten years of actively searching and running into experiences that I just could not make sense of. A knowing I’ve always had and pushed away deep down inside of me hidden away in fear... turned into a renewed excitement for who I am and will be in this lifetime! I listen to your episodes everywhere I go and I’m loving it! Thank you! Thank you!
— Shaman Sister Sessions Tribe Member